Services From INCOR


INCOR provides three different residential services – Supportive Living, In-Home and Companion Services.

Supportive Living is a service where staff assists the individual in their own home or a home rented by the individual. We serve individuals of all ages and with a wide range of needs with assistance in any and all facets of living. Severity of disability has never been a factor in our selection of individuals. Staffing is determined by the team and approved by DDSD and documented in the individuals Individual Plan (IP). The hours are spent in the usual activities of everyday life including: personal care training, homemaking skills training and recreation activities.

In-Home Supports is a service that serves children and adults in their own homes with less intensive services.

Adult Companion is a service that is provided to any individual who meet the requirements set forth by DDSD. The individual would reside with the companion in the companion’s home. This is an excellent option to individuals who do not relate well to different staff coming in and out of the home.

All services above are open to anyone who have private means or who may be sponsored by third party payers or court ordered life plans.


INCOR provides several different vocational services. They include Job Coaching, Community, Center Base, Sheltered Workshop and Community Integrated Employment.

Job Coaching and Community Integrated Employment (CIE) services provides onsite trained staff to assist with a paid job in the community that is tailored to the abilities, needs and interests of the individual. Services provides onsite trained staff to assist the individual with a paid job in the community tailored to the abilities, needs and interest of that individual so they may become as independent as possible. As the individual becomes self-sufficient on the job, the need for a Job Coach will gradually fade.

Community services provides onsite trained staff to assist individuals to integrate into the community. Some individuals need assistance to help them cope with being in crowds or around more than one person at a time. Individuals may also volunteer at various sites to develop employment skills to prepare them for paid employment.

Center Base and Sheltered Workshop services provides assembly type work that is paid at a piece rate according to Department of Labor regulations. Individuals are also trained in attendance, work ethic and any other task they may need to gain employment in the community.

Group Home [fl_builder_insert_layout id=”531″] Admissions Application

If you would like to apply to one of our many service opportunities just download, print and complete either of the applications & email the application to Joyce Lowe, Director of Residential Services at If you prefer, you may drop it at our office located at 920 N 43rd St. E Muskogee, OK or mail the application to the following address: INCOR PO Box 622 Muskogee, Ok. 74402

Group Home HUD Application

Approved accessible transportation is provided to all individuals. All homes have on site laundry facilities. Rental assistance is available thru HUD and Section 8, to all individuals who are eligible. Applicants must be 18 years of age or over and certified for group home services through Oklahoma Department of Human Services, Developmental Disabilities Division (DDS) or private pay.